Informer for the Admission of New Members to
the Association of Fine Arts Niš - LUNA

    The Association is a centre of artists, as well as other appreciators of fine arts of various thematic interests and creative techniques. The members of the Association meet every first Monday in the month at 6pm, except in July and August (due to vacation period), in the Gallery of NKC (Niš Cultural Centre) 37 Dr. Zoran Đinđić Boulevard. Exceptionally the meeting can be scheduled for the second Monday of the month, if there is a public holiday on the first Monday.

    To be admitted to the Association, the future member should bring a few works of his own to be reviewed by the selection committee. The membership fee is 150 din. per month. A new member is to pay the membership fee for 6 months in advance which makes 900 din., including the month he or she becomes a member.
For performance you and yours works on our internet sait fee 600 din., (5 pictures by yours choice).

    A future member should also bring a photograph size of the identity card, in order to get a membership card. Once you get a membership card you become a rightful member of the Association with all rights and obligation as per the Association Statute.

    As a member of the Association you get the right to take part in collective as well as individual exhibitions and also in the exhibition of The Republic Review of the Amateur Artists in Fine Arts of Serbia, in which the most successful members of LUNA take part. The Republic review is held every year (since 1980.). The membership also includes presentation of you and your works on our internet site.

    More detailed information on rights and obligations can be found in the Association Statute.

  Telephones of you can get any information on the Association are.

  To sum up, our Association has two basic harmonized coordinates: in creative aspect - to achieve the highest artistic expression and experience, and in social one - the motto is: happiness is to create, to associate, to help each other, to enjoy creative work of your own, and work of others...

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